Mobile Application Plan & Characterization


Sober App is mobile phone application which aspires to raise awareness to the matter of responsible alcohol consumption. In order to achieve this target, Sober-App provides the user with a series tests:

  1. Motion based Drunk test
  2. Simon Test
  3. Logic Q’s
    When the Sober-App user is done with the Test, the result report will be revealed and a list of suggestions (depends on the user condition) shall appear. For example:
  4. Call a cab service (activate/de activate)
  5. Drunk dial mode (activate/de activate)
    Additional features:
  6. B.A.C (Blood Alcohol Count): Allow the user to feed his drinking stats: Type of a drink, amount of drinking, height, body weight and gender.
  7. Gamming: The user can also enjoy the test features for fun.
Mobile App